Why might we need to rethink our definition for 'allyship'?

Let’s start by exploring a few of the questions an LGBTQ+ ally might need to reflect on.

You can download ‘questions allies need to ask’  to share here.

Might it be useful to have ‘key roles’ when having conversations like these?

Click the image below to see ‘five key roles for deeper discussion.’

Let's listen to important perspectives related to those prompts:

Ready to explore a few definitions of allyship?

Key questions to have with stakeholders on your campus:

1. How might our definition for ‘allyship’ incorporate or align with our school’s vision and mission?

2. How will we hold ourselves accountable to reviewing our definition and actions?

3. To what extent does our definition mirror a variety of voices on campus? How can we ensure the definition speaks to our context?

4. How might we make our definition visible? When will we seek to remind ourselves of our aspirations for allyship?

5. How can we embed allyship across subject areas? When do the skills and concepts we learn amplify our definition?