Sustaining the conversation with those at your learning organization:

Are you looking for ways to model learning during Pride month? Check out this calendar full of resources. 🗓

How do you reimagine policy as a community? 📝

Which layers of support does your school offer? 🧰

How can you use podcasts for professional learning?🎙

Ready to co-construct a definition for ‘accountability’ with your organization? 💡

How current is your professional development library? 📚

How do you prepare collectively for ‘pushback’? 🪜

Sustaining the conversation through your own media diet:

Check out this free EduSpark Course on Media Literacy.

Sustaining the conversation as a listener:

Listen to the most downloaded episode of the Be A Better Ally Podcast

with Head of School Kathleen Naglee

Invest further in your learning this September

This online workshop series explores strategies, resources, and protocols to authentically examine what it means to be an LGBTQ+ inclusive learning organization. This workshop series will invite us to rethink our communication practices in order to build communities where advocacy work can thrive. Participants will curate a digital portfolio to share with their own community, and will have ongoing access to the facilitator in order to sustain conversations.