How LGBTQ+ Inclusive is your professional development? 

Looking for professional learning opportunities for your campus?

Tricia Friedman is an experienced workshop leader who has presented at dozens of conferences around the world. Tricia will work directly with your school to ensure your specific needs, goals and context are at the heart of the workshop.

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Tricia is an amazingly innovative educator. She brings people together in creative ways having an intuitive understanding of what will capture their interest or challenge and develop them. Any professional learning with Tricia is a guaranteed success. She creates a ‘safe to fail’ environment where participants feel at ease immediately and are encouraged to take risks with their own learning. There is always a lot of fun and laughter at her sessions as well as space to take stock and reflect, goal set and identify support in next steps planning.  I would strongly recommend Tricia for any group of people. She is highly responsive and will do all she can to find out what is really needed and the best, most innovative ways to address these needs. An added bonus is that the learning never stops when the sessions are over. The conversation will continue without fail.

Pauline Markey

Principal, United World College of South East Asia (East Campus)

“Tricia’s workshop was brilliant; she was incredibly prepared, tailored to our context, and a fantastic presenter. Our entire staff, faculty and non-teaching personnel, were completely engaged.  What I really appreciate is that while we have just begun our journey, Tricia has set us up to have rounds of reflective conversations over time (with supporting resources) about how to become a truly inclusive school.”
Sarah Marshall

Deputy Head, Aspengrove School

About the author.

Tricia Friedman has worked as an IB MYP/DP educator in The United States, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Tricia is also a proud former Peace Corps Volunteer.

Currently, she consults and produces content for Shifting Schools.

Tricia lives in beautiful British Columbia with her wife, and their puppy.


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