Pre-K-Grade 5 Resources


“Read through your word problems and be sure that you reflect all kinds of families and not just families with a “Mom and Dad.” Examples can be as simple as: “Joshua and his moms went apple picking. Joshua picked 27 apples and his moms picked 42 apples. How many apples did they have all together?” Or: “Keisha went to the grocery store with her dads. Their bill was $54.67. Keisha’s parents gave the cashier $60.00. How much change did her dads get back?”

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Resources for Parents/Caregivers To Use At Home

Consider the impact of your actions at home.”

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Strategies for talking to your kids about gender.

GLSEN's Elementary General Guide

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Grade 6-12 Resources


When Danilo Manzano came out to his family, they didn’t accept his sexuality and asked him to hide it from the world. But a key friendship would inspire Danilo to not only embrace his identity publicly, but to become an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights in Ecuador.”

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“It took Vincenzo Bruno years to fully embrace his trans identity. But the moment he did, he became a fierce advocate for other LGBTIQ Costa Ricans, helping to launch a campaign that would end up altering the course of Costa Rican history.”

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Creating Student Groups
What texts explore LGBTQ+ inclusion across the IB Learner Profile?

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