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I’m extremely lucky to work at an amazing school where the learning never stops.  People are constantly keen to think more about next practice, rather than cozy up to ‘best practice.’

In coming weeks, a group of us will begin a Learning Spaces Book Club. Sustainability is a major component of everything we do at my school, and that means change comes with a mindful check in place: when we ask: is this good for all stakeholders? we make sure that inquiry includes Mother Earth.

I’ve begun to assemble a Flipboard on Learning Spaces.  This magazine is meant to compliment the broader reading we will do. Our first text, is on it’s way in: feel free to read along with us, and join us in the #uwcLearnSpaces conversation to be.

I have to recommend three amazing people who are leading the thought-athon on this topic.  If you aren’t following these big brains on Twitter, stop reading this post, and bring them into your PLN now:




That’s where you come in–if you are reading this right now, and you have a favorite text/resource when it comes to learning spaces–or if you have a great question to ask when it comes to classroom redesign, please share in the comment section.