Nuances of New Literacies

New literacies=new readers I’ve written about ways to embed Twitter into Service studies, Psychology, Personal and Social Education, how to host Twitter chats, and a general post on Twitter for the IBDP student. Why can’t I stop blogging about Twitter in 2016? In September last year Twitter published a post which looked at how the […]

Service and the Social Media Connection

    If it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child, it takes a network to cultivate a service program. Twitter is an incredible tool for networking and nourishing our understanding of the concerns of our global village.  Twitter allows us to join movements, to use our tools for awareness and change. Twitter allows us […]

Ten Steps to hosting a Twitter Chat

  As far as spaces go, twitter is a great place for educators. Over the past decade, Twitter has become a 24/7 space for professional development.  Twitter is a place to share, curate, and develop resources. It has allowed teachers everywhere to have access to experts anywhere. One of my favorite applications is the Twitter […]

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