On the power of assemblage

When Is the last time you told a friend, colleague, or student: “I’ll be your audience”? Last Monday, the third #teacherbookclub chat (Via Twitter) hosted the extraordinary co-author of Launch, John Spencer. If you are in education and you have yet to check out Spencer’s ‘Sketchy Videos,’ be prepared to be amazed: In John Spencer’s […]

Open-up to open-ended challenges.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyIl4y_MRbU “Of course the internet being the internet…there was a rapid outcry.” Scott McLeod Snowballing happens when nothing gets in the damn way.  The honest reason that more teens aren’t using social media to change the world is because there are so many teachers in the way. I’ve been that teacher.  We have all on […]

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