That Kindling Moment

In my Learning2 Talk this April, one idea I wanted to share was the notion of seeing the school year as a campfire. In keeping with this vision, I wanted teachers to see themselves as kindling bearers rather than feeling perpetually pressured to be torch bearers.  Often schools have ideas needing just a bit more […]

Horizons versus boundaries.

It’s been four years since Sonya terBorg published her phenomenal free eBook “Imagine A School”. As a member of the #teamSonya fanclub I’ve passed her text onto as many colleagues as possible.  Why? Because Sonya’s work reminds each and every one of us that it is our responsibility to keep wondering about what the future […]

Stop building fences. Jerry Kane is spot on in his TED talk.  What we think we know about social media is already old news.  The world of social media is evolving.  You’ve heard that already.  So why are we having the same old conversations?  Why haven’t we evolved beyond the fence? What’s the fence? * Discouraging social […]

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