Reflection and Refraction in The Classroom

If reflection can only happen in learning ecologies where learners are given time and direction, refraction can only happen in environments where we believe in transparency, networks and perspective. Schools and societies need both. I believe that portfolios/blogs are a wonderful way to bring refraction and reflection together.  In a recent post about the power of […]

Portfolios and Science? They’ve got Chemistry.

What role can portfolios play in a chemistry classroom? The author of the amazing CHEMJUNGLE Youtube channel is just three floors away from me at an amazing school we share.  I finally got to catch up with her to talk about portfolios, reflection, and community.  This post is meant to help explore options for blossoming […]

Portfolios for Geographers: Mapping out the Mindset

What is the potential for portfolios in a geographer’s world? Let’s look at samples of Geographers preserving, curating and collecting insight in their virtual worlds: 1. Jeremy Crampton   University of Kentucky Prof in Geography Dept. Originally from the other UK. “Open Geography” 2. Dominique Moran Reader in Carceral Geography, University of Birmingham “Carceral Geography” 3. Mark Purcell Political theorist, urbanist, democrat, […]

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