Make better Mirrors.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” ― Albert Einstein How can we better teach students to understand their own learning? Earlier in the month, I put together this post on reflection and refraction: or my thoughts on the need to make sure our networks are part of the reflective practice.  Incidentally, just this […]

Greencasts: Podcasts for Sustainability

Looking for podcasts to help explore issues of sustainability? Here’s a list of great podcasts to help you and your students think green:   1. Is business action on climate change believable? – Guardian Live event 2. What’s the science behind climate change? MIT faculty members discuss the history and science behind Earth’s warming climate, […]

In and outside of the lines

Featured Image:  “Zen” by Yogendra Joshi via Flickr Creative Commons and Photos for Class   There is now ample evidence that mindfulness practice enhances positive emotions (PDF). Imagine the possibilities if we offered this to young people with developing brains! What if we helped all students make this simple connection and gave them the tools […]

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