Push Play on Queer Culture

Representation matters–and we need to do more to make sure our students and staff have access (and are accessing) narratives which prioritise a wider spectrum of voices.  According to GLAAD, “Only nine of the 14 (64%) LGBTQ-inclusive major studio films passed the Vito Russo Test this year,” (read more here). Which podcasts could you add […]

Pull the room together

Meet PAULA. You may already have met. She’s given this phenomenal #Learning2 talk as well as this one (a really really relevant watch for this time of the year) Paula is an incredible colleague–and luckily you can learn from her no matter where you are. This week, we sat down during lunch, and talked about […]

The Pod People…

Ten quick steps to get your podcast on: Step one: Listen to podcasts Get a ‘feel’ for good podcasting. See how different episodes structure their segments. Where to start? Try here, here, here, or here…or here.   STEP Two: Go analog Map out your show. You don’t need to follow a template (like this one) […]

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