Nuances of New Literacies

New literacies=new readers I’ve written about ways to embed Twitter into Service studies, Psychology, Personal and Social Education, how to host Twitter chats, and a general post on Twitter for the IBDP student. Why can’t I stop blogging about Twitter in 2016? In September last year Twitter published a post which looked at how the […]

Where are you?

Schools are talking a lot of talk about digital citizenship.  Leaders are drafting a lot of policy, middle managers are meeting again, discussing once more, how we can establish norms of healthy and effective online behaviors. So, where are you? Are you mentoring or simply managing? Are you demonstrating why we need social networks? Are […]

Expecting More Matters Our expectations set the tone. If we expect cyber-bullying, if we anticipate prank hacks, if all we talk about are the pitfalls of our screen-clad world that is exactly what we will get. Instead, if we think beyond doom and gloom, if we anticipate excellence, we might awaken a little inspiration. I saw […]

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