Inquiry: 120 characters at a time.

  Spring is in the air.  Lately I’ve had a number of colleagues ask me to walk them through Twitter.  I’m super excited about that (see here).  Twitter has changed my relationship to teaching and learning, and I think it has a powerful capacity to make our inquiry-driven-mindset as educators more visible.  Twitter has brought […]

Seeing is believing

I’m being a rebel. This post was meant to focus on the way I could redesign my blog/VLE.  Sprucing up my digital dwellings is something I enjoy doing (oddly, it always happens right around the time I have a massive bundle of exams to mark). Right now I want to talk about the ways our […]

Stop building fences. Jerry Kane is spot on in his TED talk.  What we think we know about social media is already old news.  The world of social media is evolving.  You’ve heard that already.  So why are we having the same old conversations?  Why haven’t we evolved beyond the fence? What’s the fence? * Discouraging social […]

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