Classroom makeover as professional development?

meet our Spacebusters… A few weeks ago, the amazing Maija Ruokanen visited our school. ┬áHere’s a recap of what she had to say. With a book club dedicated to #LearningSpaces, there has been momentum growing on campus (check out our Flipboard of resources here) to do more with our learning environment. Starting this week, a […]

Sowing ideas one post at a time

How can we use blogs as fertile fields for ideation? I do believe that my thinking helps to push that of others. ┬áSometimes in the way they agree, and sometimes when people disagree. ┬áOpinions and ideas are often formed in what people read and how they connect to it.- George Couros I love blogging. But […]

On the power of assemblage

When Is the last time you told a friend, colleague, or student: “I’ll be your audience”? Last Monday, the third #teacherbookclub chat (Via Twitter) hosted the extraordinary co-author of Launch, John Spencer. If you are in education and you have yet to check out Spencer’s ‘Sketchy Videos,’ be prepared to be amazed: In John Spencer’s […]

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