A Checklist for Bloggers

Ready for five steps to better blogging? ONE: From the top Make sure you have an engaging title for your post. Also make sure your title isn’t too long. ┬áMost research suggests you go with a title in between 45-65 characters in length. If you need help thinking up an engaging start for your post, […]

Sowing ideas one post at a time

How can we use blogs as fertile fields for ideation? I do believe that my thinking helps to push that of others. ┬áSometimes in the way they agree, and sometimes when people disagree. ┬áOpinions and ideas are often formed in what people read and how they connect to it.- George Couros I love blogging. But […]

Curiosity Saves.

  A few weeks ago I asked my fantastic grade 9 class to give me a prompt for my blog.┬á They quickly constructed a bank of provocative ideas for me to navigate.┬á One of the prompts asked me to explore the classic cat question: Do cats always land on their feet? I realize in writing […]

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