Intentional Introversion

quiet flickr photo by hoodoo youdo shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license A little Quiet is quintessential for schools Schools are remarkably social places. Conversations are the lifeblood of a healthy campus, and each of us has a role to play in shaping them. In order to mold healthy dialogue, we need to juggle […]

Portfolios for Geographers: Mapping out the Mindset

What is the potential for portfolios in a geographer’s world? Let’s look at samples of Geographers preserving, curating and collecting insight in their virtual worlds: 1.┬áJeremy Crampton┬á┬á┬áUniversity of Kentucky Prof in Geography Dept. Originally from the other UK. “Open Geography” 2.┬áDominique Moran┬áReader in Carceral Geography, University of Birmingham “Carceral Geography” 3.┬áMark Purcell┬áPolitical theorist, urbanist, democrat, […]

Curate better questions: construct stronger communities

Why has the portfolio persisted as a powerful tool in today’s classroom? Teachers and students have been blogging/using digital portfolios for over a decade now. ┬áSo why does it continue to feature at conferences, as a topic of online discussion, and in education-themed podcasts? Perhaps because it is the perfect blend of personal reflection and […]

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