Three teachers: Five Thoughts

For my final project, I tapped the shoulders of two of my favorite online colleagues:  Uzay and Michelle.  Uzay is a brilliant DP teacher in Singapore, and Michelle is an incredibly gifted DP teacher in New Jersey.  Between the three of us, we span three continents.  We’ve been connecting through Twitter for the past three […]

Open-up to open-ended challenges. “Of course the internet being the internet…there was a rapid outcry.” Scott McLeod Snowballing happens when nothing gets in the damn way.  The honest reason that more teens aren’t using social media to change the world is because there are so many teachers in the way. I’ve been that teacher.  We have all on […]

Stop building fences. Jerry Kane is spot on in his TED talk.  What we think we know about social media is already old news.  The world of social media is evolving.  You’ve heard that already.  So why are we having the same old conversations?  Why haven’t we evolved beyond the fence? What’s the fence? * Discouraging social […]

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