Power to the lego people.

Image courtesy of my amazing grade 9 class. When we talk about visual literacy we need to avoid the echo chamber of a ‘faculty only’ conversation.  Most teachers I talk to will agree it is important.  Most teachers I know online demonstrate their own keen awareness of how powerful visuals are.  But when and where […]

See, Think, Be Wonderful

“Riding The Wave of New Media” photo credit: me “Ten years ago infographics were as common as tigers in Siberia, but the rise of social media has fuelled the need for instant, bite-sized chunks of digestible information, and the past three years has seen a massive increase in them.” – Ian Gould. To read more on […]

Storytime Open House

Photo Credit: BRICK 101 via Compfight cc Photo Credit: foilman via Compfight cc It’s been a while since I’ve remixed the IB Learner Profile. I’ve made a few versions of it via Haiku Deck, like this one here. And I still love the remix version I made inspired by ‘texts from Hillary.’ I want to […]

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