Owning IT.

Keys by Linus Bohman vial Flickr’s Creative Common Image Search   A tech-rich classroom isn’t about the hundreds of dollars of gadgetry in the room.  It isn’t about the tangled cords.  It isn’t even about the certificates/degrees of the teacher in the room.  A tech-rich classroom is a classroom where students are prompted again and […]

Are we there yet?

“Changing Key” by .stephweiss on Flickr via Creative Commons “It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” ― Albert Einstein   Every school is a busy place.  But not all ‘busyness’ looks the same.  Some schools are busy trying to drive test scores up  Some schools are understaffed.  […]

Got game?

When video games are brought into learning — and integrated in a way that doesn’t neuter the relevance or obscure what makes the game wonderful — you’ll notice major changes, many of which won’t always be comfortable. Inspiration changes everything. Some students — many of whom may have previously appeared lethargic and apathetic — may […]

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