One of the most powerful tools we have in teams is the ‘what if…?’ question. What if your school set aside just 30 minutes to explore this menu of them?     At #Learning2 Asia 2018, The Innovation Strand will dig into this list:


     1. What if we asked our community to share their ‘dear world’ messages? (here’s one university’s Experience)


  1. What if we participated in story corps? (A StoryCorps interview is 40 minutes of uninterrupted time for meaningful conversation with a friend or loved one.)


  1. What if we re-scaled the 100daychallenge for our timeline and audience?


  1. What if we built community by participating in international dot day? (see the facilitator’s guide here or consider checking out what teachers shared via #dotday on twitter)


  1. What if we undertook a Pride challenge and shared reflections via blog/video/instagram story?


  1. What if we followed Elizabeth Lesser’s lead and ‘took the other’ to lunch for a day and podcasted the results?


       7.What if we took on the Global Cardboard Challenge? (See what students around the world are doing by following the tag:  #globalcardboardchallenge.)


     8. What if your class tried to launch a podcast in 28 days via this challenge?


  1. What if your class took on one of John Spencer’s Maker challenges and documented their findings?


  1. What if we took on the student video challenge for the 7 Billion People project?


  1. What if we worked together to exchange a playlist of video story problems with other classes? (see this example here)


  1. What if we created our own version of the New York Times 15-second vocabulary video challenge? (check out this student submission)


  1. What if we participated in this year’s Traveling Tales challenge? (check out one teacher’s reflection here)


  1. What if you tried to tell a story with data? Could you host a data-storytelling event? See these examples for inspiration.


  1. What if we learned with other schools via the penpal schools network? (see a variety of their projects here)


  1. What if we slowed down with the out of eden walk projects coming up? Learn more about this project here or watch this intro.


  1. What if we asked ourselves to complete the following prompt: “I am not your ________ stereotype” and share their thoughts on a playlist? (see this example)


  1. What if we asked students to submit their student-produced media to the Global Student News Network? (see submissions here)


  1. What if we Considered hosting your own Media Literacy Week? (follow the US based one via #MediaLitWk on twitter)–and host conversations with resources like this one


  1. What if we explored the geometry in our neighborhood and shared across schools?

21. What if we asked our community to audit which of the future ready skills they’ve explored this month and share in a 90-second video debrief?

22. What if your team hosted a 15 Toasts luncheon one day? Could you podcastify the toasts and resulting conversation?