Looking to extend your students (your self and colleagues) collaboratively this year? Flipboard is a great tool for that.

Step One: Start your free account with Flipboard

Step Two: Consider adding an author to curate with you

Adding contributors to your magazine can create a new dynamic for you on Flipboard. Another person’s perspective can expand your reach and round out your magazines with articles you may not have thought of or discovered yourself (Full text here)



                                                 (CLICK ABOVE TO SEE THE STEPS IN ACTION)

Step Three: Learn from Flipboard users around the world.  #FlipboardChat happens weekly, you can join or just surf the wisdom left behind, see how educators are using it-and build your PLN:


Step Four: Curate on the move–make the mobile app work for you.   Here’s a quick guide to using the app to curate when you are stuck in traffic, waiting in line, or having a walk on the treadmill.

Step Five: Flip it!  I love using the Chrome Extension to add content–this is probably the most powerful tool I use for building magazines.

Step Six: Integrate with your portfolio!  You can embed your magazine directly into your WordPress site:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.39.54 AM

Step Seven: Add your own comments.  This is a new and powerful feature that you can use from the web or app.  More here.

Lastly: Want to connect Flipboard and your PLN? Here’s How: