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Via Flickr's Creative Commons Image Bank
Via Flickr’s Creative Commons Image Bank


How can teachers foster the creativity, entrepreneurialism, and lifelong curiosity necessary for young people to thrive?


What can we do to unpack the significance of the self-directed learning movement?

This post hopes to curate resources related to self-directed learning.  It also wants to pool more resources and build bridges for future conversations.  Please leave a comment with your favorite SDL resource or your questions.


What is it, and who is shaping the movement?

Here are 15 educators to follow, and resources to shape conversations around #selfdirectedlearning:

1. Children in Charge is a brilliant post via Edutopia
2.  Welcome to Epic is an inspiring read via Mindshift
3. Jane McGonical has been preaching about the benefits of intrinsically motivated schools and societies for a very long time, check out any of her TED talks here
4. Sugata Mitra has also been incredibly innovative, his story here
5. Steve Hargadon is leading the revolution, learn more on his approach here
6. George Couros, educator, author of The Innovator’s Mindset has a great post on his blog that looks at organic learning at its best here
7. John Spencer is not only the educator behind this fantastic video series, but he’s also the author of Launch.
8.  Sean Bengry’s delivered this great TEDx Talk
9. Bodo Hoenen is the founder of  DEV4X check out his vision here
10. Madeleine Brookes is leading the SDL movement at her school, listen to her reflection here
11. Till H. Gross takes an innovative approach to SDL, he walks you through his thoughts on dropping university here
12. Camp Stomping Ground provides a beautiful visual notes mural on the fundamentals of SDL here
13. Akilah S. Richards has a brilliant podcast AND you can preview into her insight here
14. Martin Ruthaivilavan embraces SDL  and shares frequently via #selfdirectedlearning on Twitter
15.Amy Harrington delivers an inspired argument on why we need SDL now more than ever in this Wired piece








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