Getting Started With Visual Note-taking?


Brand new to visual Note-taking? Here are five resources to help you get started:



TED has amazing visual notes.  Check them out here, and try your hand at building your own while watching a talk.  I’d recommend this one.



Flickr has a tremendous library of sketchnotes.  Explore them and get inspired.  Look at the different structures and approaches, and pick one to model your work on.



The Sketchnote Workbook is an amazing resource, you can even download a free chapter here.



The author of the text shared in number three also has great tips available on Flickr, check them out here, and follow him on Twitter.



Learn how to combine your Cornell Notes with Sketchnotes in this tutorial:


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One reply on “Getting Started With Visual Note-taking?”

  1. Hi Tricia,
    I found this post extremly inspiring and I will go straight away to try out this myself! I have always wanted to try to create an animated video, but my poor drawing skills had discouraged me to do so. Your post made me think that it could be worhtwhile no matter how good my sketches are as I can start with simple shapes and try to improve them later on. I usually take notes on my computer in a few different ways. I have just made a few screenshots here if you are interested:
    Many thanks for your post, we will try this next week with a grade 5 class.

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