What is the potential for portfolios in a geographer’s world?

Let’s look at samples of Geographers preserving, curating and collecting insight in their virtual worlds:

1. Jeremy Crampton   University of Kentucky Prof in Geography Dept. Originally from the other UK.

“Open Geography”

2. Dominique Moran Reader in Carceral Geography, University of Birmingham

“Carceral Geography”

3. Mark Purcell Political theorist, urbanist, democrat, communist, anarchist, libertarian, and geographer.

“Path to the Possible”

How could we provoke geographers to curate their first post?

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Which styles of posts work best?

do we need to be one another’s audience?

If we believe that learning happens best in connected communities, we need to be intentional about building bridges in our virtual spaces.  Commenting takes practice.  Here’s the advice I usually give my students:

If your comments are meant to help with the structure of posts, use this as a way to organize your comment:

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If your comments are meant to help with the critical thinking behind the post, use these prompts to fuel your comments:

Thinking Moves for Blog commenting – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

All comments should follow the guidelines you set up.  These are mine, feel free to borrow/adapt.

What are the most important lines of inquiry we need to continue to pursue and preserve?


WHAT happens when we create content for a broader community?

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Featured Image Courtesy of Flickr and

Richard Allaway“Coastal Landform – Sea Cave. Pembroke, South Wales, UK”