Listening for learning.

So much is out there about the concept of looking for learning (start here if you are new to L4L).

And, so much is out there on the importance of listening skills.:

It can be argued that listening is every bit as important as speaking. Everyone desires to be heard and understood, and we reward people who provide us with those opportunities with our trust and loyalty. (read the full text here)

Could we learn more about ourselves, our community, and our ideas through podcasting?

Welcome to podcast UWCLearn:

The podcast hopes to curate the amazing critical thinking happening around our campus, and spotlight the many ways we are living the mission.

Episode one showcases the high school TEDX team.

This week, students took the time to get a little bit closer to finalizing their decision for the 2017 Conference theme. The final two theme contenders are:

a) Change is the only constant

b) Relativity of Freedom

To help fuel the conversations, students read and took notes on “The Top 10 Jobs in 10 Years Might Not be what you expect” and “Are you ready? Here are the top 10 skills for the future.”

If this episode gives you a strong sense for the theme we need this year, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.