If it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child, it takes a network to cultivate a service program.

Twitter is an incredible tool for networking and nourishing our understanding of the concerns of our global village.  Twitter allows us to join movements, to use our tools for awareness and change. Twitter allows us to connect and expand, like this example courtesy of Blog Action Day:

Twitter also allows us to follow along with Malala Yousafzai’s continued journey in real time:



Hashtags are becoming part of our social activism toolkit:


The other thing I will add is that Twitter specifically has been interesting because we’re able to get feedback and responses in real time. If we think about this as community building, and we think of community building as a manifestation of love, and we think about love being about accountability, and accountability about justice, what’s interesting is that Twitter has kept us honest. There’s a democracy of feedback. I’ve had really robust conversations with people who aren’t physically in the space, but who have such great ideas. And that’s proven to be invaluable. (read full text here) ‘Hashtag Activism Isn’t a Cop-Out’ by NOAH BERLATSKY

New to twitter and interested in following others passionate about service learning? 

Start here:

  1. Gina Valverde


  2. John Howlett


  3. elizabeth burgos


  4. Cathryn Berger Kaye


  5. Philanthropy


  6. YSA


  7. UN Women with Youth


  8. Kailash Satyarthi


  9. Global Impact


  10. Stop Hunger Now


  11. Sue Stephenson


  12. IMPACT 2030


  13. #YouthSDGs


  14. UNYouth


  15. Jubilee Project


  16. Mcleo Mapfumo


  17. Global Daily


  18. GlobalOnenessProject


  19. Za’atari Camp


  20. UNHCR Innovation


  21. Sajjad Malik


  22. Nicholas Kristof


  23. A Path Appears


  24. Nadia Murad


  25. GCR2P


  26. Simon Adams


  27. Corinne Gray


  28. UN Refugee Agency


  29. TeamRefugees


  30. Aoife McDonnell


Which hashtags should you start following?








Read more on tags that have brought about awareness and change here.

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