A five-minute walk from the rickety, raised track that carries the 5 train through the Bronx, the English teacher Argos Gonzalez balanced a rounded metal bowl on an outstretched palm. His class—a mix of black and Hispanic students in their late teens, most of whom live in one of the poorest districts in New York City—by now were used to the sight of this unusual object: a Tibetan meditation bell. (via The Atlantic’s “When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom”)

Mindfulness, flow, wellness, character-education.

Today’s schools seek to do more than merely prepare students to do….well, more study.  Faculties now invest both time and money in preparing students for days when (as David Foster Wallace once declared here) ‘the work of choosing’ will come.

So, how are we preparing learners for the longest haul imaginable?

Chris Ford Follow 'Tres Cruces', Argentina, Jujuy, Costillas del Diablo, Tres Cruces

Chris Ford 
‘Tres Cruces’, Argentina, Jujuy, Costillas del Diablo, Tres Cruces


Aspirations need feedback loops. And feedback loops require resources and networks.

After doing some research, I’ve compiled a list of great people to follow on Twitter, and a few corners to lurk in.  But this post is a call to action:  please comment with more people to connect with, and other places to look.  I hope this post will start a conversation on the role Twitter and Blogging can play in our aims to better develop our schools as empires of wellness.

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If you have great resources, recommendations of #’s or other PSHE leaders on Twitter, please let me know in the comments below.

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‘Tres Cruces’, Argentina, Jujuy, Costillas del Diablo, Tres Cruces

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