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You are a global citizen.

Whether or not you choose to keep that in mind, that’s a choice you make, dozens of times every day. Ā With every meal you eat, you cast a vote. With every plastic bottle you buy, you cast a vote. Ā Smoke cigarettes? Ā You cast a vote. Ā If you model empathy to your friends, you cast a vote. Ā If you use your wealth to support those less fortunate, you cast a vote.

Think it unfair to suggest you forfeit comfort for the environment? That could be your choice.

But, it isn’t the only choice.

How to make your vote count:

 cristiƔn arismendi

cristiƔn arismendi

  1. Rethink what your diet does to the world. Get curious. Think you know how much water it takes to create one hamburger, test yourself here. Keep questioning here and here.Ā 
  2. Why do you need to start using a reusable water bottle? Think more about it here.
  3. Smoking is as bad for the world’s lungs as it is yours. Click here.
  4. One of the best ways I spend my money. How micro-lending might change the world, click here to learn more.



Which votes will you cast today?



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