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You are a global citizen.

Whether or not you choose to keep that in mind, that’s a choice you make, dozens of times every day. Ā With every meal you eat, you cast a vote. With every plastic bottle you buy, you cast a vote. Ā Smoke cigarettes? Ā You cast a vote. Ā If you model empathy to your friends, you cast a vote. Ā If you use your wealth to support those less fortunate, you cast a vote.

Think it unfair to suggest you forfeit comfort for the environment? That could be your choice.

But, it isn’t the only choice.

How to make your vote count:

 cristiƔn arismendi

cristiƔn arismendi
  1. Rethink what your diet does to the world. Get curious. Think you know how much water it takes to create one hamburger, test yourself here. Keep questioning here and here.Ā 
  2. Why do you need to start using a reusable water bottle? Think more about it here.
  3. Smoking is as bad for the world’s lungs as it is yours. Click here.
  4. One of the best ways I spend my money. How micro-lending might change the world, click here to learn more.



Which votes will you cast today?



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7 replies on “You have already voted several times today.”

  1. Dear Tricia,

    Yes, indeed, our choices are our votes. There is much I do well, and much I could change. I don’t think we stop to think about this often, but we should. Just considering our choices, our votes can lead to change. Thanks for making me think about it.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Valerie,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I guess a better way to think of it is ‘instead of sacrificing something, think about what you are gaining when you give of yourself to the environment or others.’ A few books have been really helpful in shaping my thoughts on this. “Doing better good,” and “Eating Animals” should be required reading at school (in my humble opinionated opinion).

  3. Dear Ms. Friedman,

    What a unique approach to the #1004theworld 100 word blog challenge! I adore your extensive use of visuals, fonts and colours. They really do “spice it up”. The cigarette bud link is just incredible. 139’000 votes cast every 15 seconds… Your post inspires me so much!


  4. Hi John,
    Thanks so much for your complimentary feedback. 660 gallons for a single hamburger is also mind boggling. We can and should be taking much better care of our planet (and selves). If those actions don’t start in schools…where should they start?

  5. Hi Ms. Friedman, it’s Sophia.
    What I really like about your post is the way you post lots of small ways to change the world. The kiva loaning thing seems really neat!
    The tone of your writing seems motivational but also kind of laid back like “you can do these things if you want but it’s totally up to you :)” What your post says that seems to be new is that EVERYTHING you do counts and that you are a global citizen no matter what and that you constantly are voting on what should happen to it.
    Thanks for opening up my point of view on global citizenship!

  6. Hi Sophia,

    Thanks for your feedback. Remember that what might seem like a small act on our part could be a part of a much much bigger movement. If every member of our school donated just a small amount to Kiva on one given day–how many loans could we provide?
    Thanks again!
    Kind Regards,
    Ms. Friedman

  7. Hi Ms. Friedman,
    Thank your for sharing your ideas!!! It’s very inspirational. Your post really helps you learn how to be a global citizen. it also motivate you to become one. A book series that would be fun to read is the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale. It is fantasy but it is about a boy who with 21 others needs to save the world but, it can be through war or killing. Alas some lives are lost, but it shows and exaggerated example of a global citizen.
    Kind regards,

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