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What does teaching individuals and societies have to do with twitter?

I had a lunch meeting yesterday with a member of the Individuals and Societies department at my school.  He’s tinkering with ideas connected to be a connected learner.  He sees the potential in opening up, and collaborating with his colleagues just a tweet away.  But, like many of us, he recognizes that there are challenges to taking on one more platform.  So, I’ve tried to compile resources that would work to launch his experiment process with Twitter, and I thought I’d model what a PLN could do.  Here’s where you come in:  add resources for ISOC, IBGeo, IBEcon, or AP History in the comments.  What have I left off?

Where else should today’s Humanities teacher go for inspiration?

Start following:

  1. Digital Humanities
  2. Ms. Ferguson
  3. Rebekah Madrid
  4. Jerry Blumengarten
  5. Andrew McCarthy
  6. Michael Collins
  7. History Bombs
  8. Rajesh Kriplinai
  9. Philip Altman
  10. Kelsey Girouox
  11. John Spencer
  12. George Couros
  13. Kim Cofino
  14. Marcello Mongardi
  15. Ben Sheridan
  16. Justin Staub
  17. Kevin Duncan
  18. Steve Katz
  19. DJ MacPherson
  20. Julie Lindsay


Start lurking here:

Hashtags to watch







Think big picture via:

  1. Rebekah Madrid walks you through how she live tweets in a history class
  2. Twitter techniques in a humanities environment
  3. Tweet in the Blank
  4. The Twitter Experiment
  5. Scope out #COETAIL!

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5 replies on “Individuals and societies”

  1. Love the flexibility of tools used in the COETAIL final project. The assignment was very tech rich, but allowing students to pick and choose the bits of it that best helped them likely made it very successful. This, and the idea mentioned of ‘little and often’ are good examples of how important tech is to individual learning and growth when used authentically.

  2. I love Twitter in the classroom. I haven’t fully figured out how to get kids on board, but I think it has so much potential.

    Here are a couple of things I did with my DP History kids that could easily adapted for I&S. : Live Tweeting a History Class:

    Twitter Conference (stolen from @traintheteacher‘s coetail project

    And if you’re not following @vanweringh , she is an amazing MYP I&S educator who shares like crazy.

    Good luck…and thanks for those resources! Those are some new ones for me.

  3. Love that you are supporting your colleagues in this way. It make take some time to establish a PLN via Twitter but it is so worth it! To add to your list….I always find anything Adam Clark has to say, is worth listening to. Lots to learn from @AdamClark71

  4. Our IBEcon teacher is on Twitter… @mrreichlmayr and he’s also trying to share some of what he’s doing on a blog. They might find some use in following each other. And I know that our IBEcon teacher gets a lot of tips and ideas from @jasonwelker

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