Conversation Catalysts For Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week: Appreciate educators everywhere by making time to talk about the trade.

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So, with this positivity, it has the potential to lead us to increased potential, greater understanding, and heartfelt connections.


here are five Tweets to spark a conversation with any educator:


What did you enjoy learning this year in order to better your practice?



What is your oldest memory of praising a student?



How have your students surprised you this month?



What has been the singular most inspiring pd experience you’ve ever had?



Where is trust visible in your craft?

Timothy Vogel Trust
Timothy Vogel


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2 replies on “Conversation Catalysts For Teacher Appreciation Week”

  1. Thought provoking! My 9th and 10th grade guidance counselor worked 100% on the concept of praise. Umpteen years later, she is still my friend and one of my biggest champions. Nothing makes me want to work harder than honest, well-timed praise. A good reminder to tap into those praise-worthy moments for our students.

    1. Thanks, Valerie:
      Teaching and Learning are both acts which remind of us of just how very (very) vulnerable we all are. Praise is one of the most essential ingredients in highly collaborative schools. The key is it must be moving in all different directions at all different times–pushing further than just a week, or a day of acknowledgement.
      We all need more champions. 🙂

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