Adaptive schedules.

So much has changed about schools in the past decade. 

With incredible minds like Jane McGonigal and Sal Khan becoming household names, the future is bright.  There is momentum towards disrupting old, outdated practice. People are aware that new times demand new skill sets.  A new list of soon-to-be-needed skills pops up every other month.

"Forward" by Bruce Berrien
“Forward” by
Bruce Berrien


Those in education who have been adapting again and again have weathered an absolute tidal wave of new pedagogical buzzwordiness.  And language matters in education.

The metaphors we think in shape the way we engage in our classrooms. 

I’m currently drafting a Learning2 keynote that looks at rethinking one of those metaphors (I’ll update after next week).  Perhaps this is why I’m surprised to find in 2016 ‘schedule,’ and ‘time table’ have weathered said storm.

Storm by Jussi Ollila
Storm by
Jussi Ollila


Why aren’t we thinking about time differently in our schools?

Whenever an initiative, project, or plan wavers, the first response is almost always: “If we had more time…”

If we don’t have the time we need, shouldn’t we be rethinking the way we invest it?

Last night I finally got around to scoping out Jabiz Raisdana’s killer promo idea for Learning2 in Vietnam this coming October.  Check it out:

I love that professional development today is starting to mirror more the notion of the ‘maker’s schedule’ over that of the ‘manager’s schedule.’  More on that here.

If we know that creative work needs big blocks of time, why isn’t that showing up on our school schedules?  What if schools offered a session like Jabiz’s once a month?  What if we had teachers fleshing out key themes and issues, according to choice, interest, and passion?

What is your school doing differently with time?

What do you wish your school changed about their time investments?

What is the one best thing your school does to save time?

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“Forward” by
Bruce Berrien

Storm by
Jussi Ollila

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