This March, join a movement to collaborate and create.

If you are willing and interested in networking your students with mine (and hopefully many more schools around the world), march towards this idea exchange.

Step One: Check out this Padlet of some 30+ blog prompts

Step Two: Get blogging (a little help if you are fresh to the blogosphere), get your students blogging, get your boss blogging.  Could you dedicate one class, one staff meeting, one lunch to a creative and collaborative act?


Worried about finding the time for blogging? Check out what George Couros has to say about the importance of students blogging AND why teachers need to join that blogwagon too.

Step Three: Add your voice to the wall. Share a link to your post here.

Step Four: Respond, ask questions, shout out ‘bravo’ to your fellow bloggers. Comments matter, and in the wide world of blogging, listening is as crucial as sharing.


Step Five: Invite others to join you and your students this month.  In our connected ‘One World Schoolhouse,’ we could all be doing more to network our students, to build bridges for ideation. Marching towards collaboration can happen one blogpost at a time, and it is something worth thinking about.Use the hashtag #March2C to connect with others around the world.

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“Quick Connect” by Martin Kuo

“Time Flies” by Robin Maben

“Only 20 Seconds to go…” by Jeff Wasson