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“Drop Everything and Zen,” is a quick, ten minute transition: students are provided with ‘adult coloring pages,’ and we take time to check out part of an episode from a podcast.  I’ve curated a list of podcasts meant to drum up some interest in a variety of stories.  I’ve selected podcasts which make for excellent media-diet infusions.  Here’s my list of great recommended listening:

This transition is about listening to an interesting story, and listening to ourselves: to that quiet voice that tries to remind us to slow down now and then, to stretch.  How can you throw down a kinder ‘welcome mat’ to students? Please share your transition ideas as a comment below.

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  1. You’ve got me thinking! I’ve been using instrumental music during my classes to help induce a calmness. Maybe I should go a step further and use a few minutes to show a photo, read a poem, or introduce a math puzzle (I’m a high school math teacher) as a transition.

  2. Tricia, I love this. Do you move forward with any of these podcasts? Or do students reflect on them? Or is it simply a way to inspire and expose students to different stories and storytelling styles? Either way it’s cool!

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