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A tech-rich classroom isn’t about the hundreds of dollars of gadgetry in the room.  It isn’t about the tangled cords.  It isn’t even about the certificates/degrees of the teacher in the room.  A tech-rich classroom is a classroom where students are prompted again and again to own their learning.

Here’s my list of the top five ways to identify a tech-rich classroom:


  1.  Students are inspired to dive straight in.  Students aren’t waiting around for direction–they know where they are going, what tools they need, and have a variety of approaches at their finger tips.  This happens when teachers curate resources, and organize objectives.  The class will have an effective VLE, where information is always there to be revisited.  What might this look like?  How about this incredible example of integration from a PE teacher.  This teacher was able to demonstrate movement using GIFs. What a brilliant way to showcase the learning and allow for students to revise or work ahead.



2.  Teachers share and develop interdisciplinary approaches to learning.  A tech-rich classroom is one where teachers connect with one another.  Technology has made it easier for the staff to look ahead at what is happening, and technology has helped to facilitate conversations about opportunities for inquiry.  Here is an excellent example of what this might look like:


3. The class acts local, and thinks global.


A tech-rich classroom is empowered to think of itself as a catalyst for change.  Devices are meant to connect us.  When we practice the art of connection—we understand that we matter, that we can spark change, that we can be a part of the solution.  Click here to see a brilliant example of this idea live in action.


4. Students are passionate about teamwork. Expertly integrated technology will always bring people closer together.  When we see technology used effectively again and again, we often have highly collaborative teams.  As an IBDP/MYP English teacher, I love the many ways technology allows students to work together on creative pursuits.  Check out this great bundle of tools to think further about collaborative-writing.


5. Your school community challenges itself to get better in new ways. Technology will help us become better versions of ourselves if we use it for that purpose.  A school interested in harnessing the potential of technology will gamify improvement.  Click here for a look at an example.

How would you define a tech-rich classroom? What did I leave off my list?  Please feel free to make this list better by adding a comment below.